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We’ve pulled together a bunch of talented people, from all walks of life and varied and diverse industries, and for some unknown reason they are still here. We make coffee, we have breaky and we solve the world’s problems and at the same time we do some work.

Check out the face that matches the voice you either deal with on the phone or by email. Our team start early and work hard and we know that they are our biggest asset. At the end of the day without a good team you don’t have a good business.

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  • Dianne Gurney
    Dianne GurneyWarehouse Manager
    • Nicci Smith
      Nicci SmithAccounts Payable
      • Patrick Lee
        Patrick LeeFood Safety Engineer
        • Kerina Poulter
          Kerina PoulterOwner & Operations
          • Las Akuragoda
            Las AkuragodaMarketing
            • Steve Poulter
              Steve PoulterOwner & Director
              • Ben Poulter
                Ben PoulterSales - Produce
                • Alexis Poulter
                  Alexis PoulterHead of Operations
                  • Samuel Poulter
                    Samuel PoulterSales
                    • Dan Pawlyk
                      Dan PawlykCEO Poulter Group Australia
                      • Andrew Graham
                        Andrew GrahamLogistics & Freight
                        • Craig Burke
                          Craig BurkeTraditional Liquor/Restaurant Sales
                          • Rossie Wang
                            Rossie WangFINANCIAL MANAGER
                            • Clarke Levien
                              Clarke LevienFoodstuff Account Manager
                              • Chris Spiers
                                Chris SpiersSales Representative
                                • Lorraine Von Huben
                                  Lorraine Von HubenSales Representative
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