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Poulter Group – a diverse, passionate and sustainable company.

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We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned and family-operated.

The Poulter Group comprises of several diverse and growing companies throughout different industries including supermarket supply, fruit ripening, importing, exporting, shipping and freight forwarding.

In 2014 we opened up office in Australia and in 2016 we opened in the United Kingdom to better service our international customers. Later, in 2018 we became operational at our new 20,000 square metre site in Wiri with a complete fit out of ripening rooms and cool storage rooms. We are using the latest and most innovative technology to ripen bananas, tropical fruit and avocados which allow us to provide freshly ripened fruit with a long shelf life.

We believe our success is achieved through excellent business relationships and the ability to preempt new consumer and market trends while continuing to be innovative in our market offerings.



Poulter Group began 30 years ago as a one-man band, Steve, selling produce each weekend at the
Auckland markets with his wife Kerina. Since then, Poulter Group has grown rapidly into a well-established market leader in New Zealand.

Internationally we work with our growers to ensure they receive fair prices for their product. Locally we pride ourselves on being affordable to the average kiwi by offering highly
competitive prices to our customers.

At the Poulter Group we believe that we partner with the best growers and suppliers domestically and globally – we are excited about the future of our business.


Our foundation for sustainable growth is based on relationships . Our relationships with customers and staff are conducted with transparency and trust.

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